Thursday, July 26, 2012

Make The Most Of It

online blackjack and chinese horse letterPerhaps the two most famous of all the online blackjack strategies are those of card counting and the strategy chart. Although using the strategy chart is the easier of these two options, it is said that the most successful blackjack players are those who managed to become proficient at counting cards. Counting cards takes a lot of practice and many hours of work, at the online casino the player is able to play the games for free before beginning to play for real money and he is therefore given a great opportunity to practice his card counting skills. In the land based casino card counting is often frowned on and although it is not illegal players will often go to great lengths to conceal their skill and be sure not to win too much real money at one sitting. Some players also adopted a team method of card counting so that one team member would count cards whilst the other would receive the data.

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