Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giraffe Break

art of giraffe
giraffe portraitYou’ve always enjoyed Safari pictures whether they are of elephants, giraffes or monkeys. But lately you think your friends have gone a bit over the top with their Safari love. Everyone appears to be putting up pictures of giraffes and you’re not sure if this is because they want to go on a safari or because they just think they are cute. And then you remember that you read about the giraffe thing on Facebook. The way that it works is that there is a riddle that people are solving. If they solve it correctly, then they don’t have to change their avatar or do anything. If they don’t solve it correctly, however, then it’s time to join the giraffe group and to put up a new profile pic with a giraffe. The profile pic will stay up for three days and then you can take it down and go on to the next adventure. So now you don’t wonder about your friends quite as much, and you see what they are doing. You just have to wonder if you’re clever enough to get the right answer to the riddle or if you’re about to look for a cute giraffe. But rest assured, there are many free giraffe sites where you can get cute giraffe pictures  and you can have fun there anytime that you want.

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