Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cats, Mazes, Art, Fun

maze op art
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Playing around with your cats is an enjoyable activity anytime, and it makes your cats happy to have your undivided attention. But they are also happy to have your divided attention when you need to do other things. In fact, cats show a remarkable affinity for sharing everyday tasks with you to the degree they are able. Let them rub their back against your legs while you're cooking dinner, or ironing your clothes, and let them crawl up into your lap when you're sitting at the computer. Rub their bellies while writing emails, playing online casino games, or trying to solve a challenging Internet-based crossword puzzle or maze. Listen to them purring in pleasure as they get to share a part of your life with you. Including the cats helps you build an even deeper bond with your beloved pets. It could also make you a better online casino player. Having your cats with you won't make you more lucky or help you get the cards you need to win if they weren't coming to you already. But it will help you respond rationally and effectively to the results you get, protecting you to some degree from emotional hijackings that cause people to take on excessive amounts of risk. Too often, especially when people start with a winning streak, they refuse to accept that the streak is over and bet more and more in hopes of getting it back. But with your beloved cats in your lap, you're unlikely to react that way.

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