Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grumpy Cat Plays iPad Roulette

ipad roulette playing grumpy cat
People who love to play online casino games at home have found that one of the best ways to keep calm during the games and even get more pleasure out of them is to play while holding their cat in their laps and to stroke the cat while playing so that it purrs. The combination of a beloved pet and the enjoyment that's inherent to playing games like online roulette make the entire experience richer and more substantial. It also makes it more relaxed, and that could only lead to a better playing experience and better decisions on how to bet on the roulette game. It stands to reason that if your mood is enhanced by having a happy, purring cat in your lap, some of that will rub off on the betting decisions you're going to make. It also means that you are far less likely to make bad decisions in response to emotional concerns that pop up during the games, which could be long streaks of mostly winning followed by periods of losing, and all things in between. So having a cat in your lap won't change your luck or give you any insight on which numbers to choose in iPad roulette, but it may make the experience better nonetheless.

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