Thursday, March 21, 2013

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The game of online blackjack is considered to be one of the most beneficial for all players, not just in monetary terms but also in satisfaction. It is the only card game and in fact one of the only casino games at all, where the actions of the player will directly affect the outcome of the game. Initially when the two cards of the player are dealt, and the two cards of the dealer are dealt, the player has enough information in his hands to work out what to do. He can choose to stand and hope that the face down card of the dealer, i.e. the card that has not yet been revealed, will not win the dealer the game or the player can ask for another card in the hope that his hand will be closer to the value of 21 than that of the dealer. The ideal situation is for the player not to have to draw any more cards and in fact draw a blackjack which is an Ace and a face card. If the dealer also draws a blackjack at the same time as that of the player, then a draw is declared and the player does not lose his bet.

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