Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australian Online Casino Games

Online Casino Tunnel Rockets
The casino games that you can win the most money from when playing in the Australian online casino are the progressive pokies. These are slot machines that are linked up globally. What that means is that everyone who plays the game anywhere in the world feeds the jackpot until someone wins the big money. Every minute of every day, the jackpot goes up. What is interesting is that the pace it increase gets even faster the larger the jackpot gets as more and more people see how much they could win. One word of warning though. You are only eligible for the grand prize of the progressive jackpots if you bet the maximum amount. If you hit the jackpot but did not bet the max, you will win a nice cash prize, but it is nowhere near what you would have won taking the whole thing. Since you play progressive pokies for the chance to win the big jackpots, make sure that you are betting the appropriate amount.

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